The Choice Is Yours

In 1991, the New York City based rap duo put on a song that 25 years later, remains one of my most favorite songs of all time, “The Choice Is Yours.” Every day, we get to make choices, it is one of the things that is makes America great. We have a say in everything from coffee, to health care providers, to our leaders.

So when faced with the decision that I am going to present you today, please consider all of the information available to you. Use the wisdom that you developed over the years of experience from living the good life of an American.

Who has the best french fries? Seriously. Never before in our lives have we been faced with such a wide variety of options. Every place you go to for lunch or dinner has a great option for the classic side dish. As a kid, in Brooklyn, it was either McDonald’s, Burger King or Nathan’s. I am leaving diners out of this discussion since I feel like the quintessential NYC Greek owned diner serving steak fries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is not universally known. Remember, somethings are limited to geography and that’s ok, for now. But I digress.

So today, the sky is the limit on where to get your french fries fix. Some days, I make the choice for where I am getting food based solely on the fries that I am in the mood for. For me, McDonald’s and Burger King aren’t options, since the other food items on their menus are not enjoyable for me. The fires that they both serve really do not hold up to the competition either.

So for me, the main options are as follows:

Chick Fil A:


Five Guys:


and my hometown favorite, Nathan’s:


These three are my usual favorites. All three have a taste as unique as their main dish counterparts and make the meal itself more enjoyable.


What say you? After all, “The Choice Is Yours.”


Keep Banging. Baby!

(all photos were found using Google image search, all credit given to those that took, own and posted them. I just used them for the post. The Choice Is Yours video used through YouTube. Basically, all rights reserved to the owners of said content.)



  1. I do love the waffle fries from Chick Fil A, mainly because I like to dip them in the Chick Fil A sauce. But my go to fries would be the sweat potato fries from Kickin Wingz. Homemade, thick cut sweet potatos … mmmmm

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