Chicken Wings: Show Me Whatcha Got


For as long as I can remember I have loved chicken wings. I know that I am not alone in this love affair. Just take a gander at any restaurant menu, even places that do not fit the bill of a wing joint, has chicken wings on the menu.

SIDE BAR: My own appreciation for them goes even deeper. My favorite wrestling submission maneuver is the cross-face chicken wing. The first (of many failed) production company was called Chicken Wing TV.


I am not sure when we as a nation became under the spell of the chicken wing but it is alive and well. Places like Wing House and Hooter’s do not hold a monopoly on this delicious dish. Domino’s and Pizza Hut have chicken wings on their menus. Hell, Chinese food take out joints even serve chicken wings.

Even the options of how you want the wings served is limitless. Each place that serves wings has a dozen or more ways for you to choose from. Mugs & Jugs serves a chicken wing sandwich that will be too large to eat in one sitting, it will truly be an all day for anyone. 2017-02-28-13-26-02

Hooter’s has a style of serving wings called DAYTONA STYLE. I had no idea what this was until recently, much to my dismay. These are sticky, sweet and spicy all at once. What this dish can mainly be described as is “awesome.”


Wing house’s wings come perfect as well. They always perfect, hot and spicy.

Maybe the appeal is primal. Here is a food you can eat with your hands, rip into it and pull apart. You pull the meat off of the bone with your teeth. You can make a mess and then lick your fingers afterwards and it is perfectly socially acceptable.


And if you don’t want make a mess, chicken wings got you covered too.


Yeah, most of these places have waitresses that are scantly clad in boy shorts and tight tank tops. So there is that attraction to go to these places, I get it. It would be ignorant to dismiss that. With that said, sexy looking women only goes so far. At the end of the day, the food has to be good for me to keep going back. There are plenty of places that serve chicken wings that do not have their staff dressed that way. If you go to one of the places that do have women dressed like that, don’t be a dick, they are working hard and aren’t on the menu.


Keep Banging.


All of the food photos shown here were taken by me. The photo of Bob Backlund and Bret Hart rights belong to whomever took it, I pulled it off of google. No harm or copyright infringement is meant.



  1. Wings are like learning to drive, once you do it, you’ll do it anywhere! Traditional buffalo are the fav in this house but shout out to honey BBQ and garlic Parmesan as runners up!

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