Super Mario Day (MAR10)

I get a solid giggle out of the “National Day” calendar. Some make me roll my eyes, others I find interesting but I always giggle. National Tartar Sauce day for example. I see people on the Twitter machine express rage over these days as if National Banana Cream Pie Day will have a negative impact on their Chi. When you do a little research you find that these days are paid promotional gimmicks meant to either spike sales or raise awareness for a cause and not an assault on the American way of life. Every so often though, one of these days just happens in an organic way, May The Forth Be With You. Today, is one of those, Super Mario Day comes from today being March 10th and if you abbreviate writing it like we did in grade school as MAR10 and that looks like MARIO. So I thought I would take a minute to write about the topic, just for fun.

While Mario got his start in the Donkey Kong games, he didn’t really become a thing for me until the Super Mario Bros game for the original Nintendo gaming system in the 80’s. That game was the most popular game in the world. The theme song was a ring tone on my Blackberry Curve. Man that was catchy as hell. It will get stuck in your head all day.

The other lynch pin for this character for me was the TV show. If you don’t know about it, the show was both live action and animated. It started Captain Lou Albano, the legendary heel wrestling manager from the WWF/WWE. He was perfectly cast in the roll of the plumber that saved a princess in his spare time.

Over the years Mario games have grown and changed, the character hasn’t really been updated too much. He looks like he did when he was jumping over barrels and climbing up ladders to save the princess from a giant gorilla. The cast of characters in his world has grown beyond that of his brother, Luigi. The games have gotten bigger and more involved, I’m sure. Other games in the franchise have come out like Mario Kart, which is one of my all time favorites to play as well, but nothing will beat that first one for me.


Keep Banging.



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