Steak and BJ Day 3/14


steak_and_bj_dayIf you watched my Valentine’s Day show, you would have seen how I encourage men to go all out for their chicks every single day but on February 14th, make her feel extra special by cooking for her. Many men today don’t go the extra yard with this. They sit and play video games or complain about how Valentine’s Day is a made up holiday. My response to this “So what?” The other thing I mentioned in the video, if you bothered to watch is that when 3/14 came along, I would have you covered.

Well, your Uncle Stugots doesn’t lie and he doesn’t let you down. Today, 3/14 is “Steak and BJ Day.” Yes, it is a made up holiday. Yes, it is a real thing. Ladies, if your man makes you special everyday, if he takes out the trash without being reminded 20 times, if he works hard to provide a roof over your head, if he is your rock, take the day to make him feel special. Make a post on Facebook talking him up to your friends. Cook the man a steak and then afterwards, rock his world.

Now if he doesn’t deserve it, that is a different situation all together. That is for you and him to work out. But if you feeling froggy and need an awesome dinner recipe for him to celebrate tonight, then your Uncle Stugots has got just the thing.

I came across this recipe last spring. It is awesome. I think it was on Tasty’s site, I don’t remember for sure. All I do know is how great it tasted.


Keep Banging.


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