Nachos: It’s Tricky

The greatest appetizer ever invented, second only to shrimp cocktail, are nachos. What other dish on the menu can even compare? Nachos are served up in almost every place that you can sit down to eat. Hell, I wouldn’t have ever gone to Chili’s if not for their nachos and queso. Thankfully, their take out menu includes nachos supreme or I wouldn’t know to get, since I no longer frequent their establishments.

The biggest problem with nachos is coming up with what do get on them. The dish comes in many variations offering up something for everyone. Oh you’re a vegan? Nachos are on your list. Oh you’re a carnivore and crave red meat on every dish on your table? Nachos got you covered. Chicken? Shrimp? Plain? Yeah, they got an app for that. Hell, if regular nachos aren’t spicy enough for you, there is even a buffalo style complete with blue cheese crumbles. It is like the best of both worlds. Wings and nachos all in one. With all of these options, how does one decide? Well…..


Keep Banging




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