Eat UP: Samoa Joe Grilled Cheese

For those of you that aren’t wrestling fans, Samoa Joe is an awesome talent. He is a big guy that know judo, chain wrestling, strikes, kicks and he can move quickly. He is also known as “The Destroyer.” When I first made this grilled cheese sandwich, with loose meat, I was so full that my appetite was destroyed for the day. So when I needed to come up with a name for it, Samoa Joe aka The Destroyer Grilled Cheese Sandwich sounded perfect. It is pretty simple to make too.


  • half pound of chop meat
  • cheese (of your liking)
  • bread (also of your liking)
  • spreadable
  • minced garlic
  • 8 oz can of tomato sauce
  • spices of your choice


  • Brown the chop meat
  • Drain as much fat out of the pan as possible
  • Add spices and tomato sauce
  • Let it sit on simmer, keep stirring as you go along
  • Thoroughly mix garlic in with the butter
  • Place small amount of garlic butter in frying pan
  • Butter bottom side of bread and place in frying pan
  • Place cheese on bread
  • Place cooked chop meat on top of cheese
  • Add more cheese
  • butter top side of bread and place unbuttered side onto the cheese
  • press down
  • flip and cook until golden brown
  • Enjoy


Keep Banging


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