Grab Them Cakes

I battle with my weight. It is a constant battle too. There are no real battle lines. I fight this war where I am. It is much like the war on Isis. I never know where it will strike. An attack can come from anywhere, at any time. I do the best that I can, I am ever vigilant, I stand at the ready to reject foods that will harm my waste line. Most times, I am as effective as a TSA agent though. I look like I am doing good but I really am just going through the motions and have no idea what to do if a real threat to my weight arises.

Hell even just scrolling through Twitter the other night was harmful. There I was just minding my own business when someone posted a photo of a care package that they received that day. The box was loaded with Drake’s cakes. Funny Bones, Devil Dogs, and Yodels. The photograph was a vision of beauty. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. I sent the poster a direct message of one word “SHARE!” She quickly responded with “That is one way to ask a lady for a date, lol.” Lucky for me, I am taken and she knows that or my comment may have come across as a creeper.

To further prove that there is no where is safe for me from delicious snack sized desserts, the YouTube channel: the snack society. Where they review all of the latest and greatest in snacks. Link: clicky

From Little Debbie to Tastykake, I love them all and they love me. Like the Fonz of snack pastry. Depending on my mood, it could be a coffee cake day or fruit pie. Devil Dogs with a tall glass of milk in a glass that was in the freezer. Frozen Ring Dings. Chocodiles, cupcakes, I can go one and on.

Hostess cupcakes. This really is the standard to which I measure all cupcakes too. Honestly though, that icing cannot be beat. The extra swirl on top of the chocolate icing can only described as a bonus on top of a bonus.

Growing up, I didn’t even like pie. My grandmother would make fresh apple pies and I would turn my nose up to it in favor of a packaged fruit pie. I couldn’t even fathom why she would insist on the pie when she could just go to Aiello’s on 18th ave and buy a box.

My favorite of them all though has to be SUZY Q’s. These things are straight evil. They are like an amalgamation of a Twinkie and a Devil Dog. Chocolate sponge cake, with a cream filling that is right out of a dream. Or from hell. It is an evil temptress.


Look at them. Just sitting there. So inviting. How could they possibly be bad for you? It has to be some sort of witchcraft. Yes, that’s it. Witchcraft!


Legal: I do not the photograph used, nor do I own the music posted either. They were used merely for effect. All rights to their respective owners.




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