Eat OUT: Family Meal

On Monday, we drove back down to Florida after spending the weekend with my family in Pennsylvania. We went up to celebrate my nephew Vincent graduating from college, more on that tomorrow. With us being on the road and it Monday being our show day, I figured we would do Eat OUT from the road. I asked for suggestions on the EAT UP fan page, as to where to stop to eat during this road trip a few weeks back and Crystal highly recommended “Family Meal” in Fredrick, Maryland.

It wasn’t out of the way much for us and in all honesty, I hate fast food joints, aside from Chick-Fil-A. The drive is long and I know we wanted to make good time to get home as soon as possible but the idea of a nice meal will always win out for me.

Family Meal cannot be any better than what it is already. I would describe it as a high end dinner but not terribly expensive like you would think. It just came across like a modernization of the diners I would go to when growing up in Brooklyn. I was bright, the building used to be a car dealership and lively but not too loud. The layout works for me. The open kitchen is something I would like to see more places utilize. The service was great. Sean, our waiter was most helpful with suggestions and knowledge of the place.

Jen had the cheese burger an I had the fried chicken, we shared the chicken pot pie fritters. These fritters were great. So much so, that I want to make them for you guys on Eat UP soon. 2017-05-08 11.49.05


The place has a full bar and 9 different beers on tap. We didn’t have dessert but all each one sounded delicious. All in all, I will say this is a place we would go back to but I am not sure when that will be. If you live in the area, I highly suggest you stop in.

Full video review:


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