Triumph: The Daily Post

This week, I am starting to participate in The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt. If you aren’t familiar with what that is, I will explain it. The Daily Post gives you a one word prompt for you to blog about. Today’s word is “Triumph.” My goal is to post 2 of these this week and increase that in the coming weeks. Also, I plan to submit a post for the weekly photo challenge at least once this month.

Triumph. We see it in movies and in real life. We see it on a global scale and within. Sports, spelling bees and goal setting. The ability for one side to triumph over another. The battle of good versus evil. Someone over coming unbeatable odds. All include the desire to be victorious, to triumph.

It is a tale as old as time. David vs. Goliath, Batman vs Superman, The Red Sox vs the Yankees, Dusty Rhodes vs The Four Horsemen. The story of the battle of  “X” vs The Unbeatable is one has taken many forms but all with the same outcome, the righteous triumphs. No one wants to see the bad guy win.

In movies, I can only think of one film where the bad guys sort of won and that was in “The Cowboys,” starring John Wayne and Bruce Dern. Yes, I know that The Dark Side won in “The Empire Strikes Back” but that was to set up the 3rd film. Much like a second act of a play. Yes, I also know that Empire was the best Star Wars film because of that ending, but that is a discussion for another day.

The battle within may be the hardest of them all to triumph over. This is one battle that can take a lifetime to get through but it can be done.

I hope that I added something to this daily challenge. I am not sure what to expect of myself with this and I will do it again one day this week, so far, I am triumphing. Ha Ha.



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