Blossom: The Daily Prompt

I had a goal for this week/month. That goal is to do two blog posts a week all month long that come from Daily Post’s Daily Prompt. Today is Saturday and I present to you, the post from the prompt: Blossom

So, I really am not sure what to write about here for this prompt. I am doing these posts on the fly and off the cuff with little to no preparation. I like doing things this way though. I try to do most of my projects that way but it doesn’t always work out but I digress.

Blossom. I am not sure if I should post about the TV of that name or not. Sure, it was a fine sitcom for it’s time. A single dad raising his 3 kids in the 90’s world. I liked that the dad was from the show SOAP, if you do not know it, I suggest you check it out somewhere and a smile will blossom on your face, for sure. The title character was Blossom, the lone female in the family. The youngest child with the oldest soul. I liked the show but not enough to blog about it for you today.

Blossom. I could make this post about my 4 failed attempts to get a sunflower to bloom or blossom. I had 1 sunflower in the house, set in a large pot, so that it had room to grow. The stalk was over 4 feet but it did not look like a bloom was coming. I figured, it needed to be outside. I moved it to the soil under my living room window around 5PM, two weeks ago. The next morning, it was dead. I had a second sunflower, it was doing great as well. It resided in a medium size pot with the thought that before it needed to go into the large pot, I would move it outside. Later that afternoon, I did just that, I moved it outside and replanted it into the ground. When I looked at it before bed, it was fine in it’s new home. When I woke up the next morning, I checked in on it before I had coffee. It was dead. The other two never made it that far. No blossoms for me.

Blossom. I guess I could make this post about my nephews. They are both blossoming into fine young men. The oldest, 22, starts graduate school in August at Temple. The other, 15, will be a Junior in High School in the fall. I am pretty proud of them. They certainly blooming better that I even hoped.

There you have it, a post based on the daily prompt of “Blossom.” I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you.


Keep Banging.


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