Illusion: The Daily Prompt

Today’s Daily Prompt is “Illusion”. I am keeping up my promise of doing at least 2 blog posts per week using “The Daily Post” as the motivation, on top of my own blog posts.

Illusion. A word used in the title of one of the best double albums of all time. “Use Your Illusion” by Guns N Roses. I owned this on cassette and on CD back in the day. I remember the day that it came out. I went to The Wiz on 86th street to purchase the cassettes and couldn’t wait to get home and listen. Man those days were rough. WE HAD TO WAIT TO GET HOME TO LISTEN TO THE MUSIC! Oh the horror. How did we live under such conditions? But I digress. This double album is loaded with great songs. From “Don’t Cry,” “November Rain” and “Civil War” are just a few.

Illusion. I have been a wrestling fan since 1985. In the late 1990’s I even went to a wrestling school out on Long Island for 2 months. Man that was tough. The things these people do to their bodies, just to train, are insane. After a few weeks, I realized how I was not cut out for it at all. I sat down with the instructor and told him that I wouldn’t be coming back and that I had even more respect for what they did in the ring. He told me keep the illusion of what I was taught to myself and good luck. The word always stuck with me.

I am sure that I could go on about what the word “illusion” means to me. I could list how politics or media coverage of events are just an illusion or something to that effect but that is not for today. I am going to my coffee to start my day. I still have to work tonight and push the illusion that I am a functioning adult.

Keep Banging.


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