Wheel: The Daily Prompt

Today’s Daily Prompt from the Daily Post is: WHEEL. For me the word “wheel” conjures images of transportation. I always loved all kinds of motor vehicles. Cars, mopeds, ambulances and even the Big Wheel still make me feel like a kid again.

$_1There are many cars that capture my imagination but two that will always be my dream cars will be a 77 Cadillac Eldorado and the 77 Pontiac Firebird. Both cars just grab me. Maybe because I watched too much TV and movies when I was younger but these cars are my style.


The BIG WHEEL. No toy that I ever owned made me feel as alive as the Big Wheel. So many of my childhood adventures included riding around the block on this. I have seen adult sized variations but for whatever reason, I never purchased one. Maybe because I don’t want to be let down by it if for some reason, it doesn’t measure up to the old one.




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