Come with Don Stugots as he shows you the world through his eyes filled with food, drinks, laughs and dance.

Don Stugots comes to you several times a week with a solid rotation of shows that highlights all of things he loves the most, food, drinks, laughs and dancing.

The lineup:


Eat UP is the flagship show that Don Stugots brings to you every Monday night at 9:05 PM EST. On it, he shows you how to cook some of his and your favorite dishes, while singing and dancing his way into your heart.

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Eat OUT is the newest show produced by Don Stugots where he showcases the best of the best in local spots to enjoy a meal and a laugh. Some places may be off the beaten path and others could be a favorite spot that only locals know about. These episodes can happen at anytime, so you need to be ready for them.

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Kitchen Hax is where Don Stugots shows you all of the tips, tricks, flips and dips to make your life easier in the kitchen. Don Stugots puts them all to the test and helps your life with “better living through the Stugots way.”

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Day Drinking! The show where Don Stugots highlights a local/craft beer or how to mix the latest cocktail to help you get over the Sunday Blues. These videos have a reputation for happening anywhere, from Amy’s Hideway, to Shep’s Beer Emporium to the back seat of the Stugots Mobile.

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GeekoDrome podcast. The weekly round table where Don Stugots is a co-host with show leads, Just Jon and Shell. The 3 of them, discuss all things geek and not so geek. Info: Geekodrome

Keep Banging, Baby.